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If you or a family member are difficult to understand or have challenges with the clarity of your speech, speech therapy can help  you develop the necessary skill and practice to ensure your clarity is improved and that ultimately you can have the ability to speak with more intelligibility and confidence. 

Speech disorders can arise for many reasons; they can be developmental in nature, acquired from an injury, or be the result of a progressive neurological disorder. They can be characterised by a muscular weakness, a breakdown in motor planning and production, or as a result of a difficulty with the ability to perceive speech sounds, resulting in any number of speech patterns occurring.  


In order to provide the most evidence based and effective treatment your speech and oral motor function will be thoroughly assessed. Your speech program will be provided based on the findings of the assessment. An essential component of success in speech therapy is regular daily practice of therapy techniques, so it is essential you are able to commit to this practice so that effective and lasting outcomes can occur. 

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