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Voice disorders are many and varied and can have a significant impact on one’s ability to communicate, work and engage in their world with ease and confidence. They can be the result of weak or strained vocal fold muscles, trauma to / lesions on or in the vocal folds, or be caused by an underlying neurological issue. 

Sally provides her clients with the knowledge needed to understand their voice, the reasons for why it is not meeting their needs, and the strategies needed to manage and restore the voice to its former strength and quality. 

In the event further management options are required (i.e., vocal fold surgery or injections) Sally works closely with Melbourne based laryngologists to ensure optimum outcomes. Please note - it is strongly advised you have an endoscopic assessment with an ENT prior to commencing voice therapy. This assessment determines the cause of your voice issue, and helps accurately establish your management plan.


Sally works with gender diverse individuals who wish to develop voice characteristics consistent with their gender identity. She takes a person-centred approach drawing on many years of clinical and research experience to ensure client goals are met in a timely, individually tailored and holistic manner. She works beyond binary perceptions of voice, to help her clients develop a voice that is a true reflection and expression of who they are.  

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